Vitanatur Pack Collagen Antiox 2x360g

Vitanatur Pack Collagen Antiox 2x360g

The Colagen Vitanatur dietary supplement is especially indicated to keep the skin, joints and bones healthy. With vitamins to reduce oxidative stress and water-soluble collagen.

Vitanatur Pack Colagen Antiox 2x360g


Colagen Vitanatur Antiox dietary supplement is especially indicated in situations of joint degeneration, missing skin of firmness and decalcified bones.



<>> Formulated with easily soluble collagen in water that regenerates joints and improves skin elasticity and tone. < Vitamins with antioxidant action actively combat oxidative stress and retard aging.


Pleasant red berry flavor. With each use you will feel more toned skin and stronger joints.

Directions for use

Dissolve one 12g of Vitanatur Colagen in a glass of water once a day. Treatment is recommended for 2-3 months, rest one month and repeat if necessary.

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