Clarins Double Serum 50ml

Clarins Double Serum 50ml

Clarins Double Serum is a World Best-Selling Serum, known for both water and lipid phases, with [20 + 1] plant extracts that stimulate all cell functions. Intense anti-aging concentrate.


Clarins Double Serum 50ml


Clarins Double Serum is a worldwide bestselling serum, with global anti-aging action. Moisturizes, regenerates, nourishes and revitalizes the face skin. This care contains two phases - oily and aqueous, composed of 21 plant extracts. Offers a complete and effective response against skin aging. It can be used from the first signs of aging, even more mature and time-marked skin. Brightness and uniformity of the complexion found. Pore appearance reduced. For all skin types, including sensitive and intolerant skin.


Clarins Double Serum has a biomimetic texture that allows to recreate the skin hydrolipidic film, adapting perfectly from oily skin to dry skin, with two phases - water and lipid that are quickly absorbed by skin. Formulated with [20 + 1] plant extracts that stimulate all cell functions.


Firmed, hydrated, luminous skin and wrinkles visibly smoothed.

Advice for Use

Apply Clarins Double Serum in the morning and at night, on perfectly clean skin, with a massage. Apply before the usual moisturizer.


Leader in the European market, Clarins develops luxury products exclusively made with natural ingredients. Clarins is a French luxury cosmetics brand that was born through the love and respect of its founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins for the beauty of women. Clarins offers the best care, the safest, the most natural and the most effective. With Clarins women find their ideal beauty routine among a wide range of effective products with proven results. Today, Clarins has millions of followers around the world. It has in the will to offer all women the best products and treatments the source of their success.

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